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Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Committee

1. Subject to the relevant legislation and without prejudice to the right of recourse to the judiciary, the Committee shall have the right to consider and adjudicate the dispute before it according to the agreement of the parties to the dispute to arbitrate it initially or upon the agreement of the parties to the dispute in a proceeding before the courts to refer the dispute to arbitration.
2 - Consider complaints submitted by the contractor or the owner or legal representative against the other resulting from the implementation of the contract and try to bring the views closer and resolve the differences between them.
3 - Receiving complaints and proposals related to public affairs from the public or referred to it by the Council regarding public services in terms of quality, good performance, means of improvement, study and verification, and propose solutions and appropriate procedures to resolve them.
4- The approval is submitted at the request of the owner or his legal representative to replace the contracted contractor with another contractor if it is proved before the committee that there are circumstances that require this procedure and that the victim of this decision is informed of his right to resort to the competent court to stop this decision or amend it. Suitable for the issuance of the resolution referred to, except for the governmental construction projects unless they are referred to the Committee with the consent of the competent authority.
5- Proposing the special duties of the committee in coordination with the other committees.
6. Matters referred to it by the Council other than those mentioned.