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Commission of Violations and Health Services and Environmental Protection

1 - Study the best methods of cleaning fields, streets, roads and beaches.
2 - Study the regulations that ensure hygiene and protection of the environment from pollution and collection of waste and the location of burial and how to dispose or recycling, according to the latest scientific and economic methods, and in coordination with the relevant authorities.
3 - Study the regulations for housing animals in housing and locate the pens of livestock and poultry and related to stray animals and bulk disposal as appropriate and follow the development of legislation in force thereon.
4 - Studying the systems of public shops, shops, industrial, hazardous, disturbing to rest and harmful to health and street vendors, in coordination with the concerned authorities.
5 - To express an opinion on the control of prevention of begging and all phenomena contrary to regulations and traditions in coordination with other committees and competent bodies.
6. Follow up decisions and legislations regarding health, environmental and environmental protection services.
7 - Control the protection of beaches from pollution (oils - death) and conservation of the marine environment.
8. Proposing public health regulations in coordination with the competent authorities.
9 - Monitor the implementation of laws and regulations for food prepared for human and animal consumption in coordination with the competent authorities.
10. Receive complaints and proposals regarding the above.
11- Proposing regulations of violations and fines related to hygiene and environmental protection and in all the above mentioned in coordination with the competent authorities.
12. Other matters referred to it by the Council.