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Financial and Administrative Affairs Committee

1. Limiting the Council's assets and proposing systems to regulate its management and the best ways to exploit them, and propose rules and regulations for temporary use within the geographical and administrative jurisdiction of the Council.
2. To express an opinion in the report on the public utility of land and private real estate necessary for the implementation of municipal projects or the temporary use of land for the same purpose in accordance with the conditions determined by the legislation in force.
3. Taking into account the competence to study the draft regulations for the promotion of tourism and the examination of the appropriate regulations to create the appropriate environment for projects of economic utilization and propose the best ways to attract investors and tourists in coordination with the competent authorities.
4 - Studying matters related to municipal fees and other fees of a municipal nature and determining their categories and proposing amendment, collection and exemption from them.
5. Supervising and monitoring the implementation of the regulations, decisions and regulations related to municipal matters.
6- Studying proposals related to financial and administrative affairs and determining the appropriate ones.
7. Oversee procurement for the work of the Board.
8 - Studying matters related to the disposal of the limits allocated to the Council.
9. Studying and expressing an opinion on any obligation or monopoly concerning the exploitation of a public facility within the jurisdiction of the municipality.
10. To give an opinion on the legal and administrative procedures required to manage the property of the Council and collect its rents and land.
11- To review and express the existing administrative and financial conditions.
12 - Study the functional needs of the executive organ of the municipality concerned to develop the functional performance.
13. Study the organizational structure, efficiency reports, promotions and bonuses for the executive organ of the concerned municipality.
14. Discuss and supervise the draft budget and final accounts.
15. Supervise the implementation and control of the implementation of budget items.
16- Overseeing tenders and auctions and ways of establishing them, as well as contracts that arrange the financial rights of the municipality concerned or obligations, taking into account the legislation in force.
17. Provide legal and financial opinion in matters referred to it by the Council.
18. Matters referred to it by the Council other than by reference.