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General Committee

The General Committee of the Council shall be formed at the beginning of each annual session under the chairmanship of the President of the Council and the membership of the Chairpersons of the Specialized Committees. The Committee shall have the following functions, for example:

1 - Assume the functions of the Council between the sessions of the session on the necessary and urgent matters, and to submit its decision to the Council at the first meeting of the next resolutions to decide what he wants in it.
2. To dismiss the objections raised by the Council to the contents of the records of the meetings, the drawing of lots, the counting of votes and other matters presented during the meetings of the Council.
3. Consideration of the draft annual budget of the Council and its draft final account on the basis of a referral from the President before submitting it to the Council for approval.
4. The selection of delegations on the basis of the nomination of the President to represent the Council and the presentation of the selection order to the Council for broadcasting. These delegations shall submit to the General Committee the reports prepared before their submission to the Council.
5. Exercise the terms of reference of the Administrative Council at the request of the President between sessions, on a temporary basis until the Council meets.
6. Follow up on the implementation of decisions issued by the Council and report thereon to the Council.
7. Preparing for the inauguration of the Council in its new annual session and preparing its agenda.
8. Other matters of concern to the Committee in accordance with the provisions of the Law and the Regulations, as well as the italics which the Board deems necessary to take the opinion of the Committee.