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Planning and Development Committee

1 - To view the street plans and modern roads prepared by the competent authorities and to express opinion about them before being approved by the competent authorities.
2 - See the plans for the establishment and identification of streets, roads and other related infrastructure and make recommendations thereon to the competent authorities.
3 - To review the organizational charts of the new areas that the government proposes to plan and express opinion.
4 - Study the rules and procedures related to the sale and exploitation of real estate belonging to the ownership of the Council and the exploitation of public utilities within the jurisdiction of the municipality.
5 - Study the organization of engineering offices and building permits, demolition and restoration and modification of buildings in coordination with the competent authorities.
6- Studying the rules and regulations concerning the licensing of advertisements, the development of advertising and commercial names and proposing the fees related to them, as well as the licenses of public road works in coordination with the competent authorities.
7 - Study the establishment of sewage projects, taking into account the Department of Public Works in the work assigned to it in this regard.
8 - Receiving requests for compensation of real estate affected by the planning and re-planning work transferred to it from the competent department and study and determine the value of the due compensation
9. Examining cases of expropriation for public benefit purposes and expressing an opinion on the assessment of monetary or in-kind compensation due to the injured person in exchange for the rights arising in coordination with the competent authorities.
10. Examine the differences between the participants in the government compensation to ensure the rights of each of them in coordination with the competent authorities.
11. Other matters referred to it by the Council.